Under the Reports tab in the left sidebar, you can access reports that will assist you in your analysis and daily operations.

Forecast & Stock Analysis

In this report, you can review historical sales, daily forecast values, inventory levels, and stock cover days for all active products.

ABC Analysis

This report provides A-B-C class information calculated based on the sales performance of all products sold in the last 30 days. It includes details on the percentage of total sales contributed by each product.

Stockout Items

Here, you can view all active and out-of-stock products, along with their historical sales and current stock information.

Stock Value

This report enables you to assess the stock value of all active and stocked products, considering stock cost and selling price.

In all reports, you have the option to click the "Column Visibility" button in the upper left to add extra columns you want to see. You can also rearrange columns by dragging and dropping them as needed. For explanations of all column values, you can refer to Glossary of Terms.

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