🙋🏻‍♀️ Frequently Asked Questions

How do instant (real-time) alerts work?

You get an email or slack notification as soon as an item's inventory quantity is less than or equal to the stock threshold you set. After you receive a notification for one item, you don't receive any notifications for the same item until the item's stock is higher than the stock threshold or editing the alert.

How do scheduled alerts work?

You choose the best day and time for receiving notifications. You get an email or slack notification at the selected time, which includes all low stock items according to your stock threshold.

After I get a notification, I don't want to repeat notifications for an item before I restock it. Is this possible?

Yes, of course. Instant alerts work exactly this way. For scheduled alerts, if you select the checkbox, "Do not send the same items in the following reports until the item's stock is higher than the threshold again" on the Create an alert -> Alert Frequency tab, it works as you expected.

Can I set different thresholds for different locations?

Yes, absolutely. Merchbees supports location-based alerts. You can create different alerts for different locations with different thresholds.

Can I track the total inventory of each product?

Yes, you can. While creating an alert, on the "Define the Scope" tab, you should select the "Product Inventory" option from the "Compare stock threshold level" Combobox.

I want to send notifications to each vendor for only their items. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. While creating an alert, on the Define the Scope tab -> Advanced Filter section, you select a vendor with only one click, and all products of that vendor will be chosen automatically.
Then, you add its email address to the recipient on the "Notification Details" tab. You create different alerts for each vendor. If you prefer, you can customize your email for each vendor by custom email option. And also, you can send emails from your email address to look more professional.

Can I get a CSV file for the low stock items?

Yes, you can. Firstly, there is an option to add a CSV attachment to the email while creating an alert. Secondly, you can export your low stock items to CSV, Excel, or PDF on the real-time low stock items reports.

Can I add multiple recipients for an alert?

Yes, you can add multiple recipients up to 20 (default). If you have more, you can contact us to increase the recipient count.

Can I translate emails to my language or customize them?

Yes, you can. With the custom email option, you can use the WYSIWYG editor or write your HTML code to customize each email.

Can I send emails from my email address?

Yes, with SMTP settings, you can send emails from your email address.