🙋🏻‍♀️ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary function and benefits of the Push Down & Out of Stock Hide?

  1. 1.
    Our application pushes down out-of-stock products to the bottom of the collection, then sorts in-stock products according to your collection sorting choice.
  2. 2.
    If a product is out of stock longer than the day you specified, it is automatically hidden.
  3. 3.
    If an item is back in stock, it is also published automatically.
All features work automatically and in real-time!
(Sometimes it may take a few minutes according to the volume of transactions (orders, inventory, product, or collections updates) because of Shopify limitations.)
  • With these functionalities, our application increases click-through to available products and your store's conversion rate.
  • Keeping the page of a sold-out product available for search engines preserves its SEO power and increases all store's organic traffic.
  • By hiding the products that you don't replenish, your store is always seen well organized.

What type of updates does the app make in Shopify Admin and your store?

Firstly, our app sets the sorting type as "Manually" in the Shopify Admin and controls this way order of products for enabled collections. It pushes down the out-of-stock-products and sorts in-stock products according to your sorting choice on selected collections. Whenever you want to turn back to the previous state, you can disable the collection.
Secondly, when it's time to hide a product, the application makes the product unpublish for enabled collections. If the item is back in stock, it is also published automatically. You can see these changes on Shopify Admin.
The application publishes the products only that were hidden by our application. It doesn't publish the products you make unpublish manually, although they may have a positive inventory.
Our app does not modify your javascript files, your theme, or anything facing a customer.

How can I see and control the catalog page on the application?

All Shopify stores have a page at the URL your-store.com/collections/all that lists all of the store's visible products. It is the store's catalog page, so it's not a collection; our application cannot access this page.
To make visible the catalog page on our application, you have to create an "All products" collection. To create it, you can follow this tutorial: Change Your Catalog Page.
After that, you can see and enable the collection on the app.

Do hiding/unhiding features apply to all products or only enabled collections?

If hiding/unhiding features are enabled, they apply all products.

Does the application push down the out-of-stock products on the search results?

Unfortunately, no. The application does not access the search results page because it doesn't exist as a collection.

If the customer changes the sorting type on the collection, are out of stock items pushed down to the bottom?

Unfortunately, no. If the sorting rule is changed, our application cannot control the pages, so Shopify sorts them according to the chosen rule.

If an item continues selling when out of stock, the application how handle it?

If an item is selling as a backorder, the application doesn't see it as out of stock when its inventory level zero or lower. Therefore, these products aren't pushed down to the bottom of the collection or are hidden never. If you think the application should apply differently, please let us know.

In Shopify Admin, if I change the sorting rule of a collection that was enabled in the application, what happens?

The collection is disabled automatically on the application.

How to use the application for vendor collections?

The vendor collections that have links look like this: your-store.com/collections/vendors?q=brand, are virtual collections. Unfortunately, our application doesn't have access to this type of collection.
To manage vendor collections, you can create automated collections based on vendors in Shopify. To create vendor based collections, you can check this tutorial: Set conditions based on vendor.
After that, you can link to these collections in your theme. Your new link looks like this: your-store.com/collections/vendors-brand.
This way, our application sees the vendor collections, and you can enable them to move out-of-stock items to the bottom.
If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! We are always here to help! You can say hello with live chat on merchbees.com or send an email to [email protected].